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Granite Countertop Supports

You may need granite countertop support brackets since granite tops can weigh hundreds of pounds.

These can be either functional, decorative, or both depending on your granite countertop installation.

It's important to understand why you're using them before you choose which ones to use.

Check out Granite Support Tips to get started.

Many builders and designers use decorative brackets to support granite tops and offset the downward pressure from people pushing or leaning on a cantilevered top

These brackets can be a real pain since you tend to hit your legs on them.

They may look rather unattractive too.

A good alternative to decorative granite support brackets is to place a concealed plate or piece of flat 1/8 inch thick plate steel screwed and bolted to the top of the wall.

You can drill holes in the plate for screws.  For granite, use silicone to adhere the counter top to the plate.  The steel plate also protects the stone from cracking.

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Countertop Brackets

Countertop Brackets Online

You need solid support for stone tops.  Here's a selection of handmade, wrought iron and steel brackets made throughout the US.

Each is designed to support the weight of stone counters, but styled to compliment your kitchen. Countertop Supports.

Inviting Home

If your intention is to use corbels as a means of support underneath a countertop, the depth of the corbel you choose must be at least 1/2 the depth of the overhang which it will support. More Inviting Home Products.

Kansas Select Brackets

Wonderful ornamental countertop support brackets to support and accent your stone shelf, counter, countertop, bench or bar.

These countertop brackets give a great look and great support to your breakfast bar. . .  Kansas Select Granite Support.

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Countertop support choices

supports for granite

Unique handmade iron granite support brackets

Hidden granite brackets strong enough for shower seats and free floating desks

Granite Care Products

Granite Spans and Cantilevers

In designs where your countertop spans supports, the length of the span (side to side as your facing it) should be limited

to 24" for ¾" (2CM) thick stone and 36" for 1¼" (3 CM) stone thicknesses.

For designs where your countertop is cantilevered or overhangs the supports, overhanging portion should be limited to 6" for ¾" (2 CM) thick countertops and 10” for 1¼" (3 CM) stone countertops.  The overhang should never be more than 1/3 of the depth of the countertop (front to back as your facing it). Cantilevered countertops exceeding these dimensions require corbels or leg support underneath the stone.

Note: Fragile stones may require corbels and supports that are spaced closer together and that do not allow as much overhang than the specifications here.

wrought iron corbels corbels for granite countertops

Legacy Handcrafted Brackets

Handcrafted by artisans throughout the country, Legacy Brackets offers a wide selection of steel and iron corbels for granite countertops.  1/4 inch steel, multiple sizes, several finishes, even concealed and basic support brackets  . . .    See more Legacy steel brackets

support brackets wood corbels

Oliver's Ornamental Iron

Wood Corbels

corbels for granite countertops granite countertop brackets

Hide your granite supports and spare your knees!

Heavy duty concealed countertop support brackets from Original Granite Brackets can be retrofitted to existing countertops or used with new installs.

Made right here in the US, these 1/2” thick steel brackets are affordably priced and available for immediate delivery!

Hidden granite support installation tips

granite care products concealed granite bracket granite countertop support granite countertop supports quartz countertop supports