Are you considering granite countertops?  Let me offer you tips and advice . . . inside secrets from a craftsman who has fabricated and installed literally thousands of natural stone and quartz countertops.

My company transforms huge slabs of marble, limestone, and granite into beautiful kitchen counters,
Granite Edges
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Granite Countertops
Professional Advice On Natural Stone Countertops & Quartz
Granite Countertops Buyer's Guide

Buying granite counters involves making choices and decisions.  The guide outlines the process and offers some tips on . . . what to look for, where to shop, how to choose, how to negotiate. You may be surprised which choice has the greatest impact on cost. Granite Countertops Buyer's Guide.
Granite Care ... Your Owner's Manual

Granite care guidelines are seldom provided when you purchase stone countertops. Or the instructions you're given came from an installer or helper who has never been properly trained in the science of stone care. Granite Care.
Granite Countertop Buyers Guide
Granite Tops
Granite Install . . . Questions and Answers

This granite install overview answers some basic questions and provides useful tips on granite counter installation, finding a granite installer, and how to spot the difference between quality and shoddy granite installing. Granite Install.
Granite and Marble . . . How To Choose Stone Tops

Granite and marble vary quite a bit as countertop materials.  Granite is the choice for many applications due to its hardness, durability, and scratch resistance.  Marble on the other hand is softer and can stain and scratch. Granite And Marble.
Granite Install and Repair
Granite and Marble Slabs
Granite Edges . . . Pictures and Choices

Granite edges are a design element that you get to choose prior to fabrication. The edge or profile that you choose can have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of your granite counter tops and your kitchen. It can also have an impact on the cost of your countertops. Granite Edges.
Granite Edges
Limestone Countertops . . . how to avoid limestone stains.

Marble Countertops . . . will they scratch?

Slate Countertops - the hardest countertops you'll find.

Onyx Countertops - Onyx is translucent. Where can you use it?

Soapstone Counters . . . where to buy soapstone in your area!
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Best Granite Countertop Contractors In Your Area
Granite Tables
Rare Stone, Unique & Interesting Designs
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Granite Sundials
Unique Custom Art That Actually Shows Time Only On Your Property!
Handmade granite tables
Blue Granite & Rare Stone Table Tops
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We've been in the granite business for over 12 years now.   We started our residential and commercial countertop business to satisfy a growing demand for quality, competitively priced granite counters.

What developed was a business reputation of dependability, efficiency, and design making us the choice of the most popular designers and successful kitchen and bath dealers in our area.  Kitchen Design Resources.

Fabricating tops for Homearama, our granite company won "Best Kitchen Design" multiple years (even though the kitchen designers received the awards).  We were tapped by the same designers to work in their own homes.

Four former Cincinnati Home Builders Association Presidents contracted with us to do stone countertops in their own homes, based on our reputation.  We also do work for local celebrities and even a couple of Fortune 500 business leaders.

I'm not here to blow my own horn, though.  I created and regularly update to offer something that our customers often tell us is the reason they choose to do business with us.  No, not our good looks, but how we educate our clients.

You can't buy granite countertops at this site, but you can find insight and direction giving you an inside advantage.
What's The Inside Advantage on Granite Countertops?
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bathroom vanities, bartops, and fireplaces. I provide countertops to Kitchen & Bath dealers, builders, and homeowners.

Here's some valuable information you won't find anywhere else.  Don't be confused and misinformed by money hungry Kitchen and Bath sales people.  Let me show you ...
What's New In Granite

Clean Granite With UV Light
Keurig Single Serve Coffee Makers
Tired Of The Same Old Kitchen?  Kitchen Remodeling Tips - On A Budget!

Need kitchen remodeling tips? Don't want to spend big bucks and deal with the headaches of a whole kitchen renovation?  Try these quick and easy updates for a great kitchen remodel on a budget.  Here's how . . . Kitchen Remodeling Tips
Kitchen Remodeling Tips
Granite Care Pro Professional Cleaning Tips
Angie's List Free Trial
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Granite Sinks Recommended For Stone Countertops

Although a granite sink is not typically found with granite countertops, it is one of many options for a kitchen or bathroom sink when you install granite counters. Granite Sink.
Granite Sink
Granite Faucets . . . Best Choices For Kitchens
Granite faucets are constructed the same as faucets for other countertop materials.  However, the mounting of a faucet in granite is different for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Granite Faucets.
Granite Faucets
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